Website Comments Review

Disqus vs Livefyre vs facebook vs intensedebate, who has the better commenting system? read more to find out which commenting system is best for you. This blog will help you make the right decision by comparing every feature provided in all systems. please mind that Every publisher and user has different needs. So, this is only our point of view. For more information plesae read  our website Comments Review Section

Website Comments Engagement

Mainly, website comment systems (some are calling them “commenting systems”) are used for creating web users engagement and users enhancing loyalty to the website. The challenge is is getting users to come back regularly and engage on your website. For more information plesae read  our website Comments Engagement

Getting Started

There are many kinds of websites comments systems. Each website chooses his own website comment system for his own needs. The question need to be asked is, if, as a website owner you are willing to pay for these services, are you willing to design and develop your own (not recommended)? Can you integrate a free open source script and taking the risk of no-support? or, you rather get them free with basic features? For more information plesae read  our Getting Started