Commenting Systems

What is a Commenting System?

Commenting system are users generated content (UGC) that is used to enhance the user activity to the website and generate loyalty and stickness to the website as well as increasing the users duration time in the website for increasing their revenues. The comments system are well used for more than 10 years and actually began about 15 years ago mostly as forums for information sharing.

There are many kinds of websites comments systems. Each website chooses his own website comment system for his own needs. The question need to be asked is, if, as a website owner you are willing to pay for this services, design and develop your own (not recommended) or you rather get them free with basic features.

Once this question is answered there are few options for you to choose.

Website Comment market players

The top ones are:

- facebook comment box

- disqus

- Livefyre


and other small comments systems as: htmlcommentbox (, pnyxe system, and more.

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