HTML comment box options, Add Comments to Website

Add Comments to Website – options

Making long story short: you can choose one of the big three companies (Disqus/LiveFyre/Intensedebate) and pay a monthly fee for them, or, choose from the below comment boxes which some of them are even better than the big three above.

Here in this post I will share with you all the options regarding adding website comments HTML boxes to your website.

These sites assume that you already have an online website and would like to add a simple comment box to your website. And when we say simple, we really mean simple. One good example is Vicomi.com that allow you to simply add 2 lines of code and get all the features that the big four companies are giving you, and, for FREE!

If you are going to install simple HTML Boxes please mind that most of these services do not offer any moderation tools or anti-spam tools. They just provide HTML Code to insert into your HTML page and get your website comments platform for allowing your audience to write their opinion.

In order to add a simple HTML comment box to your website you need to follow few steps in their website, assuming that you have some knowledge of HTML programming.

If you like to add to your website a simple HTML comment box script, you can find many options on the web (some are free and some are not), which is exactly as HTML comment box options (but some call them scripts. Script is a piece of code, Javascripts or HTML code that do some action).

In this section we will examine the top options and decide which one is best for your website.

First, for those who want the bottom line, have a look at the following table and decide for yourself:

  vicomi.com Quackit.com GenerationUnion Lord HTML website-instructor.com
Simple to install Yes No, require programmer Yes Yes Yes
Price Free free free free free
Hosting On their website On your website On your website On your website On your website
Moderation Yes No No No No
Anti Comment Spam Yes No No No No
Design your own Yes No No No Yes , choose from few designs


Get Users Engagement!


Having read that, now we will compare the following solutions more deeply:


1) Vicomi Comments  (http://www.vicomi.com) (wordpress free plugin at http://wordpress.org/plugins/vicomi-comment-system/)

Which gives a very rich HTML Comment Box with a simple copy-paste installation and a nice moderation tool to support it.

2) HTML Comment Box Code – Quackit.com (http://www.quackit.com/html/codes/comment_box_code.cfm)

Which gives a consists of a form containing a small textarea (the comment box) and an input field (the submit button).

3) Free HTML Comment BOX Code for Website by GenerationUnion (free comment box)

Which is a free Free HTML Comment BOX – Script Code.

4) HTML Comment Box For Blogger  by Lord HTML (HTML Comment box)

which is an html code for comment box mainly in blogger.

5) HTML Comment Box Codes on Website-Instructor.com

By website-instructor.com , HTML Comment box guide for programmers.

5) HTML Comment Box (http://www.htmlcommentbox.com)

Which gives a simple HTML Comment Box.

6) Cackle.Me  http://cackle.me

Give simple and clean comment system. Start for free and pay as you go. Starting 16$ to 150$ and more.


1. Vicomi Comments (http://www.vicomi.com)

Vicomi Comment Box is a well designed free comment box option that allows you to add free comments to your website, increase engagement, visit time and stickiness and for the first time in years, it gives a new concept.

Creating an account in Vicomi.Com

Very simple process, just log in to their website (here) and request sign up. In one minute you will be after the registration process and with a code for placing in your website (2 more minutes of work) and you are DONE!

The registration is very simple, you get the code in 1 minute, installing is like 2 minutes and you have one of the best comment system running in minutes! So easy, such a beautiful system, great moderation and analytics tool and its all free.

Vicomi – Moderation

Vicomi gives a very rich and yet simple moderation tools. You may moderate your comments, You may approve, Delete or mark as spam any comment in a very fast way – giving you very nice GUI and the best UX you can find for free. Vicomi moderation tool is available on mobile phone as well.

Hide vicomi-moderation-tool


Vicomi – Statistic  tools

Vicomi Give you few statistic tools as Number of new members, number of comments, how many comments were written today and how many are pending.




Is  Vicomi Comment Box free?

Their service is totally free. You get a free account, free hosting, free moderation tool access and free statistics tools.

 Is Vicomi responsive?

Yes! it is fully responsive and can work on any mobile phone.

Vicomi wordpress plugin

Vicomi has released its new wordpress comments plugin. Installation is easy and takes no longer than 5 minutes.



 2) HTML Comment Box Code by Quackit

Quackit.com (http://www.quackit.com/html/codes/comment_box_code.cfm)

For some reason, this website come out in google when you look how to add comment box to your website.

Actually, its not a plugin for website with full service, but, rather, HTML example of “how to” make it. They have nice simple examples, but, if you are not a programmer and just want to add comments to your website, this is not the right place.


 3) Free HTML Comment BOX Code  by GenerationUnion (free comment box)

by GenerationUnion (free comment box)

This website provide a free HTML Comment BOX API Script Code for programmers. Like the Quackit above, if you are not a programmer, its not the right easy place for you to learn how to add comments to your website.


4) HTML Comment Box For Blogger

by Lord HTML (HTML Comment box)

This website provides a simple, easy to use, comment box for websites. The website provides a simple  html code for comment box mainly for bloggers. However, the system comes without any moderation. So, any comment that is written in your website will be immediately written in your page, which sometimes is good, but, usually without any moderation you will find yourself reading spam comments and comments that you wouldn’t have approve if you had the moderation.

As they wrote “Comment is very useful for you by comment you come to know what your visitor is thinking about your blog.
But many person don’t comment because comment need login or singup.I am going to introduce a simple comment box which will look great and save time of visitor to comment.”

But, To my opinion, a moderation option is a must. You don’t want spam comments in your website.


5) HTML Comment Box Codes on Website-Instructor.com

By website-instructor.com

This website simply gives you several code examples to add to your website and use a simple comment box in your websites. The comments will go straight into your website, without any moderation. Please read the above (4) section understanding why you must have moderation, or ream more about moderation in our blog here.


6) HTML Comment Box (http://www.htmlcommentbox.com)

HTML Comment Box is a simple comment box option that allows you to create an account and use their services.

Creating an account in HTMLCommentBox.Com

Very simple process. You need a google account. Using this account you will log in. I assume that HTMLCommentBox get some access to your google account. It seems harmless.

After logging in, you will be re-directed to the Account view page:


In this view you have the following options:

HTML Comment Box – Settings

The setting section allow you to choose and decide whether to get Email notifications and & updates, directly to your email. As a simple part of moderation, it allows you to get email when you receive new comments in your website.
It gives you the option to choose and allow your users to “like” comments.
In addition you may choose between: Allow, require approval or blocked for: Suspicious comments (anonymous comments containing links, may be comments spam) Anonymous comments, and Authenticated comments option (when visitor need to be signed in via gmail to write a post)
Filter Words: you may configure the system to have filter. Meaning: You can say for example that words like : F*ck, S*ck and other words are not allowed in your system automatically.
MODS: you may give an option for other users/friends/website owners to be moderators in your system.


HTML Comment Box – Stats Section

Give you two simple stats:

comments received (total) – A number
comments received today – A number.

That is all it gives you.


HTML Comment Box – Received Section

Here you can see all your received comments. Pretty simple.


HTML Comment Box – Posted Section

Comments that you have posted. You can see here a simple list.


HTML Comment Box – Widgets

You get access and links to 3 widgets,

Recent Comments Feed
to show recent comments for your entire site. For example, post it on your homepage.  Press here to view this feature.

Guestbook Edition
The guestbook version of HTML Comment Box. Press here to view this feature.

HTML “Contact” Box
A new widget for letting your visitors contact you directly . Press here to view this feature.


Is  HTML Comment Box free?

You get the free version if you agree to put the link (as seen in the picture below).

If you prefer getting it without the link to their services, the price (for today) is 9$.


If you decide to go and install options 2, you probably get to a page where you get some instructions of “how to” install their comment box.

In order to save you the time and read what they are offering I am copy-paste their info:


HTML comment box code  – quote:

“If you’ve seen the HTML comment box code page, you’ll know how to create a comment box.

Although that page demonstrates how to create a comment box, it assumes one thing: that you have an action page to process the contents of the comment box when the user clicks the “Submit” button.

What’s an “Action Page”?

An action page is a page/script that takes the contents of your form, and does something with them.

For example, this action page sends you an email whenever anyone submits their feedback. Another action page could take the comments from your comment box, insert them into a database, then display them your web page.

To create an action page, you need to be reasonably well-versed in a scripting language such as PHP or ColdFusion.

The action page will require different code depending on what exactly you need to do. For example, you might want to implement security measures to check that the comment doesn’t look like spam. You might want to check that the form was in fact submitted from your website. You might also want to check the length of your users’ comments etc.

Add Comments the Easy Way!

You might have realized that writing an action page is not necessarily a simple thing. Because of this, there are many free scripts available on the web that you can download for your website.

JS-Kit Comments would be one of the easiest ways to add a comments section to your website. All you need to do is copy/paste two lines of JavaScript code. That’s it! Once you’ve uploaded your web page, the comments section will be displayed whereever you placed the code.

Here’s an example of what you get when you use JS-Kit comments. All I did to get the following comment section is add the following two lines of code. Note that I used the ‘paginate’ attribute to avoid to many comments on one page. I also used the ‘backwards’ attribute to ensure that the most recent comments appear at the top.


Copy/paste this code into your website:”

and here they put the code.

website comment box looks:

They do have some additional features as shown in the following pic:

Add Comments to Website

Add Comments to Website


Add Comments to Website  – conclusion

It does look like a basic-plus comment box. I did not install it. You are welcome to share you ideas for the “Add Comments to Website” quackit.com service.

(such as  http://www.quackit.com you may read more at the link).


7.Cacle.Me  http://cackle.me

Gives a basic clean comment system, not for free.

Prices are from 16$ to 150$ and more, depends on your site traffic and additions you are willing to buy.

I still don’t see any reason for paying why you can get comment systems for free.